DCLCore Presents – Decentraland Fashion Show!

Decentraland Fashion Show

Get dressed, we’re going out! Join us at the Grand Theatre for a special event in the Metaverse.

Take the stage with your best-looking wearable outfits based on these three categories; mythics, non-mythics, and creepy.

The judges’ panel will decide who gets the prizes! This is a Free event, presented by DCLCore.

How To Compete

Show up to the Grand Theatre and take the stage. There are three separate categories.

Once prompted to, by the event host, change into your best themed-outfit for the current category.

Stand on the stage in your outfit amongst all the other contestants.

How To Win/Judging Criteria

The judges will walk through the crowd and select their favorite outfits.

This will repeat three times, once for each category.

  • Most Aesthetically Pleasing, (Mythic Wearables Allowed)
  • Most Aesthetically Pleasing, (Mythic Wearables NOT Allowed)
  • Creepy, (Mythics NOT Allowed)

Our judges were recently announced on Twitter,

The judges will each have their unique taste on style and judging process. So look your best and leave it to the judges!

The contestants that are chosen by the judges will earn instant prizes, and also be entered into a “Finalists Round” where you will be your best outfit on to strut down the runway in front of the judges!

The winner of the final round will win the grand prize!

Start Time

Saturday April 18th @ 11pm UTC

11pm UTC – 11:59pm UTC

Prize Pool

  • MANA
  • Epic wearables
  • Legendary wearables
  • 1 mythic wearable
  • ChainGuardians merch
  • Axies
  • NFT Art


The Conference Center Grand Theatre (28,112)